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Hi guys, I have been thinking for a long time to start my own blog. I just missed an idea what to tell or write down. But before I will go any deeper I just want to make clear that this is not a fucking diary. This will be more like a story about training and dreams. We just don’t know it yet how this story ends.

I found my idea for this blog at the end of December 2018. I was in Albarracín for bouldering with my friends. There I saw that I’m not happy with my results. For example I used more than three hours with a route called kukutza iru. I just couldn’t do one move because I’m too weak. So I decided that I really have to do something to myself. I want more and I want to be better. 

In January 2019 I asked help from my friend Marko in the Pasila bouldering Cave with following words “I want to be better”. He gave me some good advice for resistance training. With his instructions I finally started to meet my challenges. I love to project routes but because of this my “move bank” has stayed too small. What I have to do is climb a lot, collect moves and increase my resistance.

Now I have my own training program. I have already started to do it three times in a week. Do you want to know more? Well okay.

Training program for endurance training

Once in a week I have a wall climbing day. That means 10 minutes, three times training:

Climb up and come down with self-assuring devices 10 minutes nonstop. After that have a 10 minute break and do it again, three times. You can always choose a new route to climb during the break.

Two times in a week I have a circuit training in bouldering gym:

Pick up five different routes that contain at least eight moves. Climb each of those routes five times with two minutes breaks. Between route changes have a six minute break.

Be better!

If you have to ask again why this blog is here.

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