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Training program for Fontainebleau – part 1

In January 2019 I asked for help with the words “I want to be better” from Marko in Pasila bouldering Cave. He gave me good tips for endurance and strength training. With his tips I finally started to meet my challenges. It’s not an excuse anymore that I’m short. I just need to be stronger and more dynamic.

So Marko did a training program just for me. I decided to do first endurance training for a couple of months, three times in a week. Do you want to know more? Well okay.

Once a week I had a wall climbing day. For me it meant three times 10 minute training. I climbed up and came down 10 minute without any breaks. After that I had a 10 minutes break and then I did it again, three times.

Two times in a week I had a circuit training day. I went in the bouldering gym and picked up five different kind of routes. I tried to pick up at least two of them with my own weaknesses. Also I had to check out that those routes had at least eight moves. I Climbed each of those routes five times with two minute breaks. Between route changes I had a six minute breaks.

This program helps a lot if you need to get durability for longer walls. I did it because I wanted to collect moves into my “move bank”. I have always loved to climb straight walls with lot of crimps. Now it was time to make a change and try something new.

Well in the next blog post I will tell you guys more about strength training. Stay tuned!

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